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Senator Perry named Chairman of Healthcare and Chairman of Appropriations on Health & Human Services

Originally Published in Neuse News.

Senator Jim Perry, Majority Whip of the NC Senate (R - Wayne, Lenoir) has been appointed to the following committees, for the 2021-2022 biennium by Senator Phil Berger:

  • Chairman, Healthcare

  • Chairman, Appropriations on Health and Human Services

  • Member, Appropriations on Base/Budget

  • Member, Finance

  • Member, Pensions and Retirement and Aging

  • Member, Redistricting and Elections

  • Member, Rules and Operations of the Senate

“I am thankful that Senator Berger continues to place trust in my ability. It is an honor to be entrusted with a Chairmanship for Healthcare and also a Chairmanship for Health and Human Services Appropriations. It is humbling to be elected as Majority Whip, and to be chosen to serve as Co-Chairman of two very important committees during my first full term as a Senator," said Perry.

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