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Senator Perry files anti lobbyist legislation

Originally Published in NC Political News.

Raleigh, N.C. – State Senator Jim Perry (R-Lenoir) introduced legislation (Senate Bill 546) to prevent lobbyists from serving on the Board of Governors for the UNC System.

“This legislation represents good public policy, regardless of someone’s political affiliation. This is another step in the continuous improvement process and the quest for good governance.”

The Board of Governors, created in 1971 by the General Assembly, is the policy making body legally charged with the general determination, control, supervision, management, and governance of all affairs for the 17 constituent institutions that make up the UNC System, along with various entities. The Board elects the president of the UNC System. Each of the 17 constituent institutions in the UNC System is headed by a chancellor who is chosen by the Board of Governors on the president’s nomination and is responsible to the president.

“The UNC System is very important to our entire state. It should be, and is, a frequent topic of discussion for members of the General Assembly. I believe we all want NC to have the most productive, efficient university system in the country. I hope we achieve that goal in the future.”

“The average North Carolinian either struggles to pay tuition, or they take on a mountain of debt. When we discuss the cost of college, my constituents are shocked when I tell them taxpayers subsidize 50% to 85% of the cost for the UNC System Schools. UNC System President Peter Hans has our full support in his efforts to make college more affordable. Students, parents, and the taxpayers paying the bills would certainly be appreciative.”

Perry serves as the Majority Whip of the North Carolina Senate. Perry serves as co-Chairman of Healthcare, and co-Chairman of Appropriations on Health and Human Services and co-Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Storm Related River Debris and Damage in North Carolina.

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