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As North Carolina’s number one economic driver, it simply cannot be overstated how important agriculture is to our state, especially in eastern North Carolina. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to understand that food does not come from the grocery store. It comes from the hard work of our family farms. That’s why I am an outspoken supporter of our farmers and agribusiness. We must ensure the industry is valued and promoted. As we lose population in our rural areas, our per capita property tax burden increases, and this is very bad for large land owners, like farmers. I will seek alternative, creative means of local funding. We must do something different if we want different results.

As a father of three and a local public school volunteer, I have a deep appreciation for the dedicated and hardworking professionals working in our schools. As a lifelong businessman, I am also comfortable admitting when something is not working as intended. Our efforts must be measured by their results, not their intentions. Efforts during the Kindergarten through 3rd grade time frame are vital for the reading ability of our children. The challenges we face in Eastern NC are not the same as those of larger, more affluent areas. Parents and other leaders must step forward to silence the voice of those who inject politics in our education system. We must work together to develop productive citizens for the future of our community.

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Health care is one of the biggest challenges facing our state, especially in eastern North Carolina. As someone who has worked extensively in the health care sector, I understand many of the unique challenges facing patients, providers, insurers, underwriters, hospitals and businesses. I have also learned a great deal about the politics involved. Healthcare solutions can’t be boiled down to internet memes and political talking points.

Having successfully started, grown and led multiple businesses, I have a unique understanding how government policies and regulations effect our small businesses and job creators. I am a strong proponent of fewer regulations, less taxes and sustainable budgets. Under Republicans leadership, North Carolina’s economy is booming, taxes are low and a record number of people are working. Due to the pro-growth policies put in place, we now have one of the fastest growing economies and most attractive places to do business. However, there is still lots of work to be done, particularly in eastern North Carolina. That’s why I am focused on finding solutions that help ensure our rural communities are not left behind. This means investing in rural economic development. Agriculture and manufacturing remain our state’s cornerstone economic drivers and it is critical we do more to preserve their strength and success. Additionally, we must always be vigilant about expanding our military support footprint to help protect against future BRAC rounds.


My father served in the Navy. My father in law is a Brigadier General, USMC (RET) and I served as a Military Policeman (95B). The U.S. military is critically important to North Carolina, especially in eastern North Carolina. With some of our nation’s biggest bases, the military makes up our state’s second largest economic driver. We are referred to as the “Nation’s Most Military Friendly State” for a reason – and it’s because we truly understand the positive impact on our state. We must ensure our military bases are protected as we continue to expand the support footprint in Eastern NC.

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